About Us

Naked Panda Entertainment is a fresh, newly established company created to enhance the musical vision in Cyprus. Formed in December 2010, Naked Panda Entertainment aims at organizing high-end events, presenting entertainment material from all over the world. The company is designed specifically to undertake the production of a variety of events such as corporate ones and/or public such as concerts, plays, and other entertaining shows. The selection of artists, collaboration with vendors and providers of services, partnering, and the location are all carefully considered to create unique and memorable events.

Naked Panda Entertainment is an end-receiver oriented company and its purpose is to offer maximum Satisfaction to the attendants of our events. Among its goals is to establish a unique circle of trust between the company, its cooperating partners, the entertainers and the audience. We aim at solidifying our presence through consistency, creativity and respect, reflected from our business portfolio. We are committed to perfection but furthermore we are set to Rock the stereotypes of entertainment through the selection of artists, the event’s structure and the production techniques used. There will be Fires in the Skies, since we, Naked Panda Entertainment, are one tough audience to please.